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Get Involved

More Ways to Give

There are more ways to give to our mission through endowments, stock, have your employer match your gift, in-kind gifts, bequests, or getting items off our wishlist. Please contact us for your specific giving desires.

Donate Your Birthday

There are so many reasons to celebrate your special day. Make your birthday even sweeter by showing the sickle cell sickle cell community you care by donating your birthday to our agency through a Facebook fundraiser.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Create your own walking team, have a bake sale, do a toy drive, a bike race, makeup party, sporting event or get creative by imagining your own fundraiser. There is no limit to the list of fundraising ideas that can be created.

Attend an Event

Events occur throughout the year at the Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation. Please consider joining one of our many educational conferences, support groups, Walk for Sickle Cell, camps, focus groups or health fairs. We would love to see you there.


Volunteers are the life-line to our agency. Office assistance, medically clearing children with sickle cell disease to go to camp, attending a health fair, educating the community, there are several volunteer opportunities for you at our agency. We need you.


No gift is too small, a donation of any size can make a difference and impact lives. Your donation will provide free sickle cell screening, send special needs children to camp, provide emergency financial assistance to families and continue our mission of making change. Thank you.