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Want to sign up for a support group? Need to refer a client for services? Want us to educate  your church, business or community about sickle cell disease? Want a free sickle cell screening? Please contact us below and we will contact you soon.

Office Locations

We are fortunate to offer services to families in four different locations.


314 E. Highland Mall Blvd
Suite 411
Austin, TX 78752


2500 E.T.C. Jester Blvd
Suite 178
Houston, TX 77008

San Antonio

8626 Tesoro Drive
Suite 205J
San Antonio, TX 78217


2351 W. Northwest Hwy,
Suite #1233
Dallas, TX 75220

Phone: 512-458-9767
Fax: 512-458-9714

Phone: (713) 534-1712
Fax: (713) 583-8850

Phone: 210-899-3928

Phone: (469) 914-0909