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What is Sickle Cell Disease?

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Marc Thomas

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people affected by sickle cell disease and trait are provided holistic care throughout their lifespan


Caring for the Person

We understand that sickle cell disease is more than a total body disorder. It affects the body, mind, emotions, finances and other areas in your life. Let us help you navigate living with this condition, one step at a time.


Caring for the Family

At our agency, family is our foundation. We serve not only individuals with sickle cell disease, but family members regardless of their sickle cell status. Stabilizing the family unit is our priority.


Caring for the Community

Do you know your sickle cell trait status? There are an estimated 100 million individuals with sickle cell trait worldwide and many are unaware they even have it.

Making an Impact, Changing Lives

Your donation gives a child and a family a voice in the hospital, school and in the community. Your gift helps our agency educate, screen, train and support families affected by sickle cell disease and trait.

How Will You Help?

We need you to impact lives

Volunteers are the life-line to our agency. Whether assisting with calls, stuffing envelopes, or administering medications to children with sickle cell disease, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone.

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