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Camp Cell-A-Bration

What is Camp Cell-A-Bration?

Camp Cell-A-Bration is a week long camp for kids aged 6-14 with sickle cell disease. Camp Cell-A-Bration will be August 4-9, 2019. Many of our children with sickle cell disease have suffered strokes, jaundice, pain crisis, chronic blood transfusions, surgeries, acute chest syndrome and damage to their internal organs. Although these children battle this life-threatening disease every day, we want to make sure they enjoy being KIDS!

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Common Questions

Where is Camp Cell-A-Bration?

Camp Cell-A-Bration will be held at Camp For All in Burton, Texas. Camp For All is American Camp Association Accredited and it is located at 6307 Rehburg Rd. Burton, TX  77835.

Who can attend Camp Cell-A-Bration?

Children ages 6-14 with Sickle Cell Disease may attend Camp Cell-A-Bration.

How can I register my child?

Camp Cell-A-Bration fills up fast, we encourage campers to turn in their registration forms EARLY! Campers must turn in their COMPLETED registration form and $25 early application fee to be able to attend Camp. Apply for camp here

Application materials, physician forms, and application fee must be completed and turned into our office by July 7, 2023.

Will my child automatically be able to attend once my application is turned in?

No. Campers are not automatically accepted into Camp Cell-A-Bration (i.e. first come first served). Factors including; space, funding, past camp behaviors and/or certain factors determines if a child is permitted to attend. But we encourage parents to turn applications in early..

How much is it to attend Camp Cell-A-Bration?

Camp Cell-A-Bration is FREE for children with Sickle Cell Disease! Only a $25 non-refundable early application fee must be paid with your Application Form. This application fee must be paid by cashier’s check, cash, money order or online ONLY, checks will NOT be accepted and your registration forms will be rejected. Before June 2, the application fee is $25, after June 2 the application fee is $35. However, it costs this small agency $955 to send a child to camp. If you are able to pay or partially pay (or ask friends or family) for your child to attend camp the donation will be tax deductible and is greatly appreciated.

Please pay your application fee here.

How can I sponsor?

​Camp is FREE for children with Sickle Cell Disease. As most of our families are economically disadvantaged, we did not want to turn a child down for this wonderful experience because of their inability to pay for camp. We could use your support in sponsoring a child for Camp! Camp costs the $955 per camper. Please consider making a donation or sponsoring a child for this worthy cause!

Please give a donation here.

In-Kind Donation
We are in need of camp supplies: water, juice boxes, snacks, socks, soap, deodorant, shampoo, towels, blankets, sheets, transportation, medical supplies, flash lights, t-shirts, paper, arts and crafts materials and supplies, crayons, markers, colored pencils, school supplies (to give to the children for an upcoming school year) and other items. Please contact us at (512) 458-9767 and we can schedule to pick up your donation.

How can I volunteer?

We are in need of Volunteer Camp Staff, Volunteer Medical Professionals, and Camp Counselors. If you are interested in Volunteering please contact us at (512) 458-9767 or email us at You can also download your application below.