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Services We Provide

We provide a plethora of services for the public and families affected with Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait.

How We Can Help

  • Certified Hemoglobinopathy Education:  we provide families and persons affected with sickle cell disease specific education about their illness. This detailed education includes information about medications, treatments, prevention and other education.
  • Camp Cell-A-Bration and Camp Cell-A-Bration Next Level:  we provide a specialized week-long camp for children with sickle cell disease ages 6-14 every August for children from Central Texas, San Antonio and the Texas Gulf Coast. This camp is free of charge for these special needs children and is held every August. We also provide a free transition bootcamp for teenagers ages 15-19 to prepare them for transitioning from pediatric to adult care. 
  • Sickle Cell Testing and Sickle Cell Trait Counseling: we offer free sickle cell screening for individuals wanting to learn if they are sickle cell trait carriers or to verify their type of sickle cell disease. If you, a relative or a friend would like to receive Sickle Cell testing please contact our Headquarters office at 512-458-9767 to coordinate a testing in Central Texas, San Antonio or the Houston area.
  • Support and Certified Case Managementwe offer many resources for our families with sickle cell disease during times of need. If you or your loved one has sickle cell disease contact our agency to see how we can be of assistance with care coordination, medical home placement, medical referralstransportation, transition services, hospital advocacy, ER treatment plans, mental health support, counseling, SSI/SSDI assistance, basic needs assistance and many other supportive services. Our three social workers and community health workers are trained and ready to assist.
  • Supporting Ourselves Support Group Meetingswe offer telephone and webinar support group meets for families affected by sickle cell disease. We understand that at times it is difficult to come together and offer support. We have decided to offer telephone and webinar conference support group meetings so if you are in the hospital, out of town, cannot drive, or if you want to remain anonymous we can still come together and support ourselves. Let's learn, love and support each other! Please click here to register and learn more.
  • Outreach and Education: we offer education to the at-risk population and we educate our community about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. 
  • Research and Treatments: we offer research and awareness education to further educate the community about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait upcoming research. The more research and awareness that is provided to families and the community at large, the closer we are in finding a cure for sickle cell disease.  Please make sure you join our mailing list to receive up to date research.

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