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The Sickle Cell Association of Austin – Marc Thomas Foundation began in 1997 as a small support group with three individuals; Marc Thomas, Linda Thomas, and Patricia Schuster.  Both Marc and Patricia suffered from sickle cell disease. Patricia Schuster was on dialysis, legal blind, and had suffered strokes as a result of this debilitating and life threatening blood disease.  Patricia’s condition never stopped her from raising community awareness about sickle cell disease.  With Patricia’s help and support, the small support group became a viable and essential nonprofit organization serving families in the Austin area affected by sickle cell disease.  Patricia addressed and urged the Austin City Council for support and funding for the Sickle Cell Association of Austin – Marc Thomas Foundation.  She was also an active board member and awareness specialist.  She worked tirelessly helping to improve the quality of life for all persons living with sickle cell disease.  Patricia was also a gifted singer.  She would sing “Because He Lives” at every event; reminding those suffering from sickle cell disease that they could face tomorrow.  Patricia was a remarkable, kind, and giving person. A true Christian, and friend, she was also the doting and proud mother of a beautiful daughter Chyneice.  Patricia also credited her caring parents Mr. and Mrs. Bailey for their support and love. Patricia passed away November 2004 at the age of 33.   The love and life Patricia leaves behind will be remembered and treasured always.

Patricia Portley

Sickle Cell Association of Austin

In Loving Memory of 

Patricia Portley