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Toll-Free Helpline:  (844) 994-HOPE


314 E Highland Mall Blvd. #411 Austin TX 78752 us (Headquarters) 512-458-9767

Houston Location: 2500 E.T.C. Jester Blvd. suite 278, Houston, TX 77008 (713) 574-1712

San Antonio Location: (Call for location and appointment) 210-899-3928)

Telephone:  Toll Free 1-844-994-HOPE



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Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to the Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation (SCATMTF) online, you may do so via PayPal. Together, we are a multitude. Your gift, along with the generosity of others, gives SCATMTF the power to affect change. You help us serve those with sickle cell in so many vital ways. We offer support, hope, and determination allowing families to lead their lives productively as we continue to champion for those devastated by sickle cell disease.

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Become a Volunteer

Our agency would not be able to function if we did not have volunteers. 
Volunteering is the bloodline in mostly all of our endeavors. We are always in need for devote, eager, and willing people who would love to contribute to a worthy cause. Volunteers are utilized for family events like Sickle Cell-A-Bration in the Park, as Camp Counselors for Camp Cell-A-Bration for special needs children and in our office for day to day operations. If you have an interest in volunteering we want to hear from you.

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In Kind Support

Equipment, furniture, paper, computers, printing costs, graphic costs, professional services such as public relations, accounting, etc, are all valuable and can be donated instead of cash contributions. For Camp Cell-A-Bration we are in need of extra sheets, snacks, water, arts and crafts an medical supplies to name a few If you have access to some of the materials we need or services we use and can support us with this in-kind donation, we are waiting to speak with you.

Employer Matching Programs

If you or anyone from your “tree of giving” is working with a corporation, that corporation may have a program to match a gift that you give to us. Many companies are willing to give $1 for every $2 or $3 raised. Check with the HR Department to find out if a company matches employee gifts, and what the requirements are.

In Memory

A testament to a life lived. The SCATMTF Memorial Page on our web site will list those individuals that have touched your life and at the same time give you an opportunity to contribute on their behalf. It is a way to share the faith that eventually a cure for sickle cell disease will be found and a personal battle that appears as a loss is truly the encouragement to move one to action.


Outreach, education and patient service endowments are available as naming opportunities. Should you be interested in creating an endowment for a loved one, we would like to hear from you directly to discuss the size, nature and goal of your vision. These endowments are living legacies to those that have been so challenged throughout their lives.

Recurrent Donations or Charitable Remainder Trusts

 There are many ways to give a gift and in turn enjoy the tax benefit of your generosity. Planned giving, long term giving and charitable remainder trusts are some of the ways to consider. If you are interested in exploring the avenue towards larger donations and the benefits of the same, we would be happy to share information with you.

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