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LIVE! With a Sickle Cell Social Worker

LIVE! With a Sickle Cell Social Worker


Join Us On September 16th!


Our next Talk With A #SickleCellSocialWorker is on September 16th! We will be going live for Sickle Cell Awareness Month – make sure to tune in as our social workers answer your questions!

Make sure to join us over at our Facebook page at 6 PM CST and join the live stream. Want to submit a question in advance? Check out our Instagram where at certain points, you can submit questions through our stories.

Do you have questions about navigating the ER, finding help, or are just interested in knowing what a social worker does all day? Email your questions or other topic requests to

Learn more about our Social Workers here.


Location: Facebook LIVE
Date: September 16, 2021
Duration: 1 Day