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Captain William Carter

Sickle Cell Association of Austin

In Loving Memory of 

Captain William Carter

Captain William Carter is heroic, dynamic, courageous, and a loving individual who improved the quality of life for numerous individuals suffering from sickle cell disease.  Captain Carter a sickle cell survivor received a successful bone marrow transplant at the age of 15 and was cured of Sickle Cell Disease.  He went on to live a committed and dedicated life helping others in the City of Austin and surrounding areas by being a testimony and an example of what God can do.   He had a passion and love for the Sickle Cell Community and was an invaluable role model, advisor, Chaplain, and mentor for the Marc Thomas Sickle Cell Foundation.  Captain Carter’s life inspired others suffering from this life threatening blood disease to be successful and live with purpose and righteously.   Captain Carter served in the United States Army and was going to be separated from his Military agreement in 2009.  At that time he was going to assume a greater role of the Marc Thomas Sickle Foundation.  Captain Carter was also going to be nominated to serve on the United States Health and Human Services Advisory Board on Blood Safety and Availability.  The Sickle Cell Community and the Citizens of Austin recognize and commend this outstanding, exemplary and noble man for his legacy and service to the Citizens of Austin and The Marc Thomas Sickle Cell Foundation.  We miss, love, and cherish our beloved Captain William Carter. We continue to pray for his wonderful family who gave us such a precious gift; his wife Valerie Carter, his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, his sisters and extended family.