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Camp Next Level

​Camp Next Level is a free, specialized camp that will focus on disease management, education and transitioning to adult care for teenagers between the ages of 15-18 living with sickle cell disease. Camp is a great place to meet others with sickle cell disease, make connections, learn more about their disease, and on top of that have a lot fun! 

Camp Cell-A-Bration Next Level was so great! Special thank you to the following groups and individuals: UT Physicians, Marc Thomas Foundation Staff, Camp Counselors, Dr. Frei-Jones, Caitlin McNeil, Kimber'le Terry, Michael Loiacono, Sarah Abke, and Ayanna Edmondson. Thank you for your time and helping sort and organize everything needed these pasts few weeks to make camp possible. Our mission was accomplished, our teens had a wonderful time, learned a lot about transitioning into adult health care and are looking forward for next year!