Camp Cell-A-Bration Next Level

What is Camp Next Level 

Camp Cell-A-Bration Next Level or Camp Next Level is the premier transition camp for teens and young adults. Transitioning from pediatric to adult care often comes with a host of issues and concerns including inadequate patient education, lack of medical home placement, a lack of career or college preparedness and a sense of being tossed into an abyss. Research has found that the sickle cell disease transition population (specifically ages 16-25) are in critical need of transition services to have a successful and safe transition to adult care. Luckily, the Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation has over 21 years experience in providing transition services. In addition to our transition services which includes medical referrals, medical home placement, career counseling, mental health counseling and others, we also have a specifically tailored transition camp called Camp Next Level.   At this fun and intense educational boot camp teens will be prepared for transitioning as adults with sickle cell disease. Disease education and maintenance, college preparation and educational tools will be provided for all those that attend. This is an event you do not want your teen to miss!

When is Camp Next Level?

Camp Next level is held every March.

Where is Camp Next Level?

Camp Next Level will be held at Camp For All in Burton, Texas. Camp  

Who can attend Camp Next Level?

Teenagers ages 15-19 with Sickle Cell Disease may attend Camp Next Level. 

How can I register my teenager?

Camp Next Level fills up fast, we encourage campers to turn in their registration forms EARLY! Campers must turn in their COMPLETED registration form and $30 application fee to be able to attend Camp. Please download the following: (will be uploaded soon)

Application materials, physician forms, and application fee must be completed and turned into our office. Early application deadline is February 15, 2020. 

Will my teenager automatically be able to attend once my application is turned in?

No. Campers are not automatically accepted into Camp Next Level (i.e. first come first served). Factors including; space, funding, past camp behaviors and/or certain factors determine if a child is permitted to attend. But we encourage parents to turn applications in early! Spots are filling fast. 

How much is it to attend Camp Next Level?

Camp Next Level is FREE for teenagers with Sickle Cell Disease! Only a $30 non-refundable application fee must be paid with your Application Form. This application fee must be paid by cashier's check, cash, money order or online ONLY, checks will NOT be accepted and your registration forms will be rejected. Before February 22, the application fee is $30, after February 22 the application fee is $45. However, it costs this small agency $385 to send a teen to camp. If you are able to pay or partially pay (or ask friends or family) for your teen to attend camp the donation will be tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Please pay your application fee here.

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